My first post about my son James

Thursday, February 13, 2003

My son James has just been nominated for  Juno Award for the album design for Buck 65. he also created the new Album site for Buck 65’s new album Square. This is the Canadian equivalent of a Tony. He left school at 14 unable to knuckle down to traditional school life. Instead he went to art school where for 4 years all he learnt was art. Now at 22 with clients such as Bjork, Mick Jagger, Diesel, Sony, Nike, Burton and Buck 65, he is one of a handful that is creating the new perspective in art.

I find that an interesting aspect of the site that James created was that you can listen to the entire CD. The issue is audience. In the past we had radio to create an audience. But with tight control of radio, there is so little access. So “Buck” has allowed a complete access. The site is also different in that it has no big spin on Buck. It allows you to hear the music. if you like it good. if not….. No spin. The site is designed to fit into the cover design so there is a complete fit.

Now James’ style is not mainstream and maybe is not to your taste but it is not boring. But then I’m his father – what do I know?

Isn’t great to have kids and isn’t a wonder when they move into the territory of magic?


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